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LOM's Tribology Center is equipped with a wide range of tribology test benches which can be customized for your specific project.

Hire us to perform wear investigations, including recommendations for practical implementation of solutions.

If you are a tribology specialist you can rent a test bench to perform your own test series.

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Tribology Center / Tribological Tests and Test Benches

Answers and Solutions for
Your Wear and Tear Problems

Understanding Wear Processes

We have a lot of experience in the investigation of wear processes. These investigations are usually the basis for achieving suitable simulations. Sometimes several processes overlap and it is necessary to find out which of them is the important one.

Simulate Wear Processes

All test benches can be operated with a wide variety of parameters and they are adaptable to specific problems. For this purpose, we use pre-tests in which the damage patterns are compared with the real damage patterns from your projects or customer sites.

Improve Technical Designs

Sometimes wear problems cannot be solved only by a "better" material. Wear studies and wear tests help to understand all the interrelationships and enables you to make the right conclusions for an economic implementation.

Learn More About
Our Test Bench Equipment

We have an extensive collection of tribological test benches. Click into a category to explore all the related test options.


Wear through abrasive papers

Miller Erosion

Washing out types of wear

Erosion Pot

High pressure erosion

Rubber Wheel

Heavy duty abrasion test

Multi Purpose

Abrasion and erosion test bench

Particle Impact

Wet or dry impact of particles


Wear through bubbles in a liquid


Measurement of friction coefficient


Further individual test benches

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Tribological consulting

Why Customers and Partners
Are Trusting Us

What We Are Standing For

Our Approach Is Always Scientific

We usually work together in a project team with our clients. We see our mission in bringing in the scientific perspective. And of course, you can also expect expertise in the material selection as well as experience in the successful implementation of such projects.

Our Partners Retain Control at Every Stage of the Project

We organise our projects with clear milestones that are collaboratively defined after each project phase. This gives you the opportunity to review the costs and benefits of the project at any time and adjust them if necessary.

We Always Find a Solution – Unless We Reach Physical Limits

Problems must be solved – even if a simple change of material may not be sufficient. The work within the project team, together with your know-how leaders, also makes it possible to consider other approaches.