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Impressions of our 600m2 laboratory today

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How it began in 2001

About Us

Why We Founded the Tribology Center

The Tribology Center is the result of the take-over of test benches from various laboratories in our network over the years. It gives us the opportunity to make these test benches available to our customers as well as to public institutions. The focus on types of wear with the participation of particles was a particular concern for us. On the one hand, we did this because it expands our service area with a possibility that is probably unique in this form. But also because the topic of tribology, and especially the profound approach to tribological problems, is a great interest of ours.

About LOM GmbH

The company was founded in 2011. The two managing directors were previously responsible for the materials laboratory, the selection of materials and materials issues in development projects at an industrial company. Even back then, close collaboration with the numerous specialists in the company was an important success factor. Today, we continue the same type of co-operation with our customers in the industrial sector.

Starting out as a small laboratory with little equipment and a good network, we have been able to build up a very well-equipped laboratory over time through constant investment, which allows us to carry out all the important analytical steps on our own equipment utilising the maximum possibilities of the instruments.

Our Values

As LOM GmbH we are your partner for complex material challenges worldwide. With our passion for our fields of expertise, we bring an additional perspective to the projects. We organize projects economically and solve problems as a member of the customer’s team – overnight if necessary.