Multi Purpose Test

This test bench is designed for testing of dry friction systems and 3-Body abrasion testing. The test allows a setup with six samples at the same time. We have also installed a central fluid supply. This means that every friction point can be supplied with abrasive fluids or lubricants.


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Test Bench Description

description in picture of multi purpose
multi purpose

Standard:  none (internal industrial standards existing)

Load (max):  up to ca. 20N normal load

Speed (max):  Variable

Sample 1:  Rotating roll

Sample 2:  Fixed block or roll

Results:  Weight loss, damage pattern

Options:  Any conversion possible

Results:  Weight loss, damage pattern, heat development


A fixed block, straight or with the contour of the roller, presses on a rotating roller. The force is applied to the upper specimen via a lever (high loads) or deflection rollers (low loads). Liquid to pasty products can be fed to the gap between the block and the roller.

Since a rebuild, a wide range of sample shapes is possible on the block side. Due to its multiple simultaneous test positions, this test stand is particularly interesting for statistically relevant statements on “heavy-duty” wear processes. It can simulate both dry emergency running properties and lubricated situations. It is also well suited for observing the interaction between two materials and an abrasive emulsion. This test bench is able to run 24/7 without monitoring.

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