Rubber Wheel Test

On this test bench, a sample can be pressed with high pressure against a rotating counter sample and dry sand or a slurry. This can be used to simulate strong 3-body abrasion up to disruption.


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Test Bench Description

description in picture of rubber wheel
rubber wheel

Standard:  ASTM G65, ASTM B611

Load (max):  Up to ca. 500N

Speed (max): Up to ca. 2.5 m/sec

Sample 1:  Block

Sample 2:  Slurry, dry sand

Results:  Weight loss, damage pattern

Conversions:  Different steel and rubber wheels. Higher loads, stronger motor

Note:  The given parameters are according to ASTM Standard. Others on request.


Together with the Taber Abraser test and the Miller test, this is one of the most popular methods in abrasion testing. The parameters can be adjusted very flexibly. We have two of these test stands, which saves time because the tests have to be carried out several times.

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