Slurry Pot Erosion Test

The wear pot generates wear by sustained pressure of a slurry on the sample surface. It simulates erosion similar to the Miller Test, but with a higher load from the particles and with a minimum impact angle.


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Test Bench Description

description in picture of erosion pot
erosion pot

Standard:  VDI4473, NF-P18-579, M8121-3

Rotation speed specimen:  Variable

Rotation speed disc: Variable

Specimens:  4 at each test, with separate rotation

Results:  Weight loss, wear characteristics


The sand or slurry in the erosion pot is pressing against the specimens and the specimens are rotating for even wear load around the whole specimen. One of the 4 specimens is always a standard-material to verify reproducibility. The test is particularly suitable for washing-out processes on very hard, resistant materials.

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