Which Test Bench do I Need?

Wear and friction are system properties. It is important to know what is happening on the surface before you can run tests. The “Rent a Test Bench” option is therefore more suitable for customers who have already gained a lot of specific experience and have already carried out such tests in the past.

Consulting and Laboratory Investigations

current laboratory of LOM GmbH

Investigations will deliver important facts which will be discussed in the project team.

This discussion leads to a decision for preliminary tests in the tribology laboratory.

The corresponding wear patterns are then checked again in the LOM Laboratory and the test parameters are adjusted if necessary until the wear pattern from practice is simulated.

After that, tests with material ranking can be started.

Project Options to Solve Tribological Problems

Tribological problems can appear in many different forms:

Too high friction forces, too much abrasion, spontaneous failures, foreign particles in the product, etc.


We organise our projects with clear milestones which are collaboratively defined after each project phase. This gives you the opportunity to review the costs and benefits of the project at any time and adjust them if necessary.


You rent a test bench and organzise your project and your tests on your own. If necessary you can get our support for testing or laboratory works on demand.

projekt options

Project Confidentiality and Network Knowledge

Discretion is one of our core values. Our results are not public and your project will definitely be carried out in a separate room where no other projects are running. The signing of an NDA is standard.

Although we work very discreetly, you can benefit from our long experience and network. When appropriate, we could ask clients from past projects if they are interested in sharing their experiences with you.

Interested in performing own tests or getting your tribological problems solved?